Far Cry 3 - Animal Viking - The Tiger

Far Cry 3 - Animal Viking - The Tiger

Sunny is the name of a majestic tiger that roams the island in Far Cry 3. She has made a few appearences in Robbaz' Far Cry 3 videos.

Animal VikingEdit

Unlike any of Robbaz' other friends, Sunny is pure hapiness in animal form. She is super fast and deadly to touch, the very opposite of Walrus. Robbaz also shows a lot of sexual interest in this tiger. This is evident from his perverted ass-shots and comments such as "She's one hot pussy". Robbaz cut off her tits by mistake in Animal Viking, but they eventually grew back.

The TigerEdit

In the episode "Animal Viking: The Tiger" we learn quite a lot about Sunny and her species:

  • Opposite of popular belief, Tigers are not cats. They are big pussies!
  • Tigers do not kill people with their claws, they hug them to death with love and hapiness.
  • Vehicles are carnivores.
  • A Tiger can eat up to 4 penises a day for fat and protein.
  • Tigers cannot kill Vikings.