Rowe Butt
Biographical info
Species Simbot
Gender Male
Relative(s) King Redneck (Creator)
Residence Bridgeport
Political info
Affiliation Redneck
Nationality American
Occupation Hitman
Miscellaneous info
Status Alive

Rowebutt is a humanoid-like robot created by King Redneck who is often saddened by the numerous broken appliances found around Casterly Cock. His name is combination of "Rowe" of Mike Rowe and "Butt". He is also frightened by water, seen when when he is forced into the hot tub by King. Shortly afterwards he malfunctions and has to be repaired.

Recently, Rowebutt is seen dancing with King performing an impressive "backwards move thing" involving him bending over backwards. He also had a wish that he could ice skate on a pond with King which was fulfilled. He is also a part-time hit-man; however, he is yet to kill someone. He made the first kill at Hipster coffee shop next to Casterly Cock with Clyde. He also went into the future with Clyde and King Redneck, which he aided Clyde's robbery with romantic distraction on the sole robot in the house. He is currently maintaining Casterly Cock while the rest of the family are away on holiday.

After the Redneck family released a swarm of zombies to infect Bridgeport, in #32 King embarked on a trek from the Compound to contact Rowebutt, still living in Casterly Cock, in order to make use of his invulnerability to zombie bites.