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The almighty Robbaz.
Biographical info
Full name Robert Öberg
Aliases Robbazking, PotatoSallad
Species Human (Nord)
Gender Male
Born 19idk
Relative(s) Lydia (Wife)
Political info
Affiliation Vikings
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Chef, Nipple Inspector, Dentist
Rank King of Sweden
"Robbaz here, King of Sweden."
(Robbaz's catchphrase)

Robbaz (Robert Öberg) is a popular YouTube personality, who has claimed fame with his gaming videos, playing video games such as Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Mount & Blade, ZombiU, Kerbal Space Program, Saints Row 4 and Battlefield 4 (although he has also made videos on numerous other games).

Robbaz's catchphrase used to be, "Robbaz here, King of Sweden," but stopped using the phrase because he felt it was becoming "old and stupid." He also stopped and toned down many other catchphrases and more lewd themes as a result. However, they are occassionaly mentioned in some of his more videos, such as The Sims 3, where his main character is known as 'The King'. However, despite the discontinuation of these tired phrases, he has recently become more pandering, in that he has adopted new, equally silly catchphrases, which has coincided with an inflation in his subscription count.

Recently, Robbaz has shown to have some sort of fascination with Corgis. Robbaz first began mentioning the creatures in his ZombiU playthrough and then later in Kerbal Space Program as his Kerbals' sworn enemies. In his recent A Clash of Kings mod playthrough, Robbaz has adopted the Corgi as his house sigil.


  • He has a bad liver from drinking too much mead, but has gotten better. 
  • He once got food poisoning by "eating some old ass risotto."
  • He had anxiety and depression, but cited YouTube as his source for getting better.
  • His favorite vehicle is the Volvo, although he chooses not to drive in real life.
  • He is ambidextrous.
  • He is badass
  • He is Glorious (capitalized "G")
  • He accidentally killed Mitt Romney when he became a kerbal and defected to North Korea.
  • Robbaz is an official member and practitioner of the "Church of Gaben Newell", the one true God.
  • He stands at a lofty 6'7" not including his viking helmet.
  • He killed president Barack Obama on accident while trying to take out a vampire

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