Biographical info
Species Sim
Gender Female
Relative(s) Clyde Redneck (Husband)

Brittney (Daughter) King Redneck (Brother-in-Law)

Political info
Affiliation Redneck Family
Occupation Unemployed
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers
  Peggy is Clyde Redneck's wife and Britney's mother. Her main features are her large breasts, large eyes, and her obese body frame. According to Robbaz , she is based on Peggy from Married... with Children TV series (though he said Love and Marriage).

In the beginning of her life, she moved into a house where Clyde murdered all of its resident with a sniper rifle during a botched robbery. She then dated and eventually married Clyde within a day. For unknown amount of time, Robbaz noticed her pregnancy after she went into labor. She and Clyde had a daughter Britney , who was eventually killed from electrocution when she tried to fix the dishwasher with low handliness skill points.

As of now in part #28. Peggy died of old age. She is the first sim in the Redneck series to die of old age. Clyde, despite being married to her did not seem to react to her death. And it should be noted that the other Rednecks seem to not care either, King literally laughed at her demise.

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