Oslo (July 12 2012 - May 11 2014) is a pet and companion of Robbaz, along with walrus and Lydia. Unlike Walrus, Oslo has a moral code, although he does molest children from time to time.

Like Walrus, Oslo is a viking badass. though not as powerful as Walrus, Oslo is still shown to be a formidable warrior in combat, fearlessly charging into battle, and killing his foe. Oslo is also known for constant sleeping and scratching of breezehomes floors. Oslo is named after the Norwegian Capital City of the same name, because he was born there. He is also known to have anger management issues, as seen in The Journey to Horker Island. Oslo's secret weapon is that he is able to fly as shown in a battle with a blood dragon, something Robbaz wasn't aware of. Sadly, Olso was killed in action during a fight between robbaz and karstaag the ice giant. After a long battle, Robbaz realised he was out of resurrection spells, meaning he couldn't bring him back. Robbaz then left Olso's corpse on the ice throne claiming he is the "true ice king."


  • Oslo, on numerous occasions, raped and molested Sven's dead body. The first time was in Robbaz's bed whereas the second time was in a locked room.
  • He constantly stand erect during battle and shows his dick to frighten his opponents.
  • Oslo's secret weapon is that he is able to fly
  • It is known that even Oslo doesn't want to be a walrus.
  • Oslo's favorite toy is his oxhead.
  • He sleeps constantly.
  • Oslo once humped a bridegroom who was sitting next to his bride during a wedding ceremony.
  • Despite being a polar bear, Oslo is actually quite afraid of water.
  • Robbaz once killed Oslo with a shout, but resurrected him later.
  • After the death of Karstaag, Oslo ascended the throne as King of the Smurfs.
  • Oslo first appeared on Feb 16, 2012 in (Skyrim - Hunger for Nipples "Viking Commentary")
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