King Redneck
King Redneck
Biographical info
Species Sim
Gender Male
Relative(s) Clyde Redneck (Brother)

Peggy (Sister-in-law) Brittney (Niece) Barry (Husband) Floyd (Adopted Son) Rowe Butt (Creation)

Residence Bridgeport (Formerly)

Lucky Palms (Currently)

Political info
Affiliation Redneck
Nationality American
Occupation Cook (Formerly)

Inventor (Currently)

Miscellaneous info
Status Alive

King Redneck, also referred to as the "The King" or "King", is one of the main characters in Robbaz's Sims 3 playthrough series. He is the brother to Clyde Redneck. King is an inventor and a cook, and his appearance and other features are a homage to Robbaz.

Currently, King resides in a trailer park in Lucky Palms with his resurrected husband Barry, Clyde (Brother), Billie Jean (Barry's Alien Hybird daughter), Floyd (King's adopted son), Peggy (Clyde's spouse), and Peggy and Clyde's deceased daughter Brittney. He also took up inventing drilling machines, time machines, and various other contraptions. Because of his marriage with Barry, King is bisexual, as he still shows interest and lust towards women.

Other Information

King created a robot and named it "Rowebutt".

King's favourite type of ice cream is the Freezer Bunny, which he ocasionally orders from the ice cream truck.

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