Jebediah Kerman
Biographical info
Full name Jebediah Kerman
Aliases Jeb
Species Kerbal
Gender Male
Born Sweden
Relative(s) Bob Kerman (Co-Worker/Roommate/Possible love interest) Bill Kerman (Co-Worker/Roommate)
Residence Sweden, Bridgeport
Political info
Affiliation Sweden, VSP, Robbaz
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Astronaut/Fighter Pilot
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Kerbal Space Program, Redneck Brothers
Status Alive, Orbiting Moho on the Asgård
"Oh yes! Aviators."

Jebediah Kerman is one of "The Original Three" in Kerbal Space Program, registered as kerbonaut #0001. Jeb is the presumed owner of the rocket part manufacturer “Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co.” and has a PhD in all-around badassery.

Jebediah Kerman was born in Sweden and when he grew up, became an astronaut for the Viking Space Program. Jebediah has been renowned for his bravery and discoveries in science. During his travels, Jebediah has visited the Moon, Minmus, Duna (twice), Laythe, The Joolian System, The Sun and Moho. Even though Jebediah is a full time astronaut, he and his fellow astronauts Bob and Bill moved to Bridgeport in the United States and lives there part time. It is implied that Jebediah might have a homosexual relationship with Bob. Most missions are done by Jebediah and Bob and Robbaz states in Midgard Part 1, that "Bob likes to get dirty with Jeb in the sauna". However this might be false since Bob might also have a relationship with Billie Jean .

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