An image of Iku-Turso, the Eternal from the official mod page:

Iku-Turso, the Eternal is the mother of Walrus and her 4 other children. (residing on Horker Island, Solstheim.) She currently resides in the icefields of northern Winterhold, Skyrim after her (presumed) divorce of her husband, Lord Tusk. Tusk took custody of their children becuase of Iku-Turso's aggressive behavior. During the episode "Here There Be Monsters - Monster Hunting Mod" Robbaz, Walrus, Lydia, and Oslo (also a few nearby hunters) had presumably killed Iku-Turso. But it was later revealed that she just needed to be calmed down, and is simply resting. Iku-Turso will likely start attending a rehabilitation center for horkers. Prehaps now Lord Tusk and Iku-Turso may be remarried? Well, that is not for us to decide.


Iku-Turso only appeared in the video, There Will Be Monsters.


Skyrim - Here There Be Monsters - Monster Hunting Mod-0

Skyrim - Here There Be Monsters - Monster Hunting Mod-0