Hipster Robert is a clone who inherits a rare trait of hipsterness from Robert. He was one of the first clones created and shows a distaste for listening to rules and going to work. He was one of the leaders of the Great Robert Exodus and died (presumably from vertibird explosion) during the brotherhood air raid on Gingerburg in retaliation for the destruction of the prydwen and airport. Hipster Robert sports a top-hat and wears clothes that he considers "outside the mainstream". His hobbies include: writing poems and thinking about philosophical quotes. After Feminist Robert's 2nd "death", he volunteered to be part of the 3 clone team to take part in Operation: Diamond City Takeaway. As he was the only Generation 1 clone on the team, he was responsible for providing covering fire for those in the front lines.

Hipster Robert

Hipster Robert taking a selfie before it was cool.

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