HMS Ragnarök
FtD 17 Ragnarok
Biographical info
Aliases Unnamed Badass (formerly),The Eraser
Type Battleship
Political info
Affiliation Pilkington Navy
Miscellaneous info
First appears From the Depths #8 - Squirrel Massacre
"You awoke a giant, little ship."
(From the Depths #9 - HMS Ragnarök)

The HMS Ragnarök is a battleship created by Robbaz in From the Depths. Born out of the Iron War, it is the largest and most powerful battleship of the Pilkington fleet, even making the HMS Pilkington look puny by comparison.

After some recent modifications, the ship now comprises of 30,000 blocks making it potentially the largest ship in the game. Aside from weapon upgrades, the ship now possesses an interior, complete with everything from engines and weapon storage to a fast food restaurant/cafeteria named McWalrus. The ship also has Skynet AI, sleeping quarters, classrooms, and a war room.



It is an Arizona class battleship.

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