The HMS Pilkington is a battleship created by Robbaz, and it appeared in his playthroughs of Kerbal Space Program and From the Depths.

Kerbal Space ProgramEdit

KSP - Space Battleship10:50

KSP - Space Battleship

The Pilkington in Kerbal Space Program was based on Robbaz' idea to construct a battleship in space, ala Space Battleship Yamato. In spite of its resemblance to a real life battleship, it was proven to be space worthy and also able to use its weapons. It was used to destroy the space pirates with its laser turrets.

From the DepthsEdit

HMS Pilkington
FtD 20 Pilkington
Type Battleship
Political info
Affiliation Pilkington Navy
Miscellaneous info
First appears From the Depths #1 - Return of the Pilkington
"The Pilkington, big and proud on the seven seas!"
(From the Depths #3 - Bigger, Better, Stronger.)
The HMS Pilkington was recreated in From the Depths as Robbaz's first warship in the fleet. A Scharnhorst class battleship with missile launchers and automatic cannons (initial 3 single turret to 4-6 turret with single and triple barrels). As his fleet expanded from his plunder and construction of warships after each battle, HMS Pilkington became both a flag ship and the one of the most powerful in Robbaz' fleet.Later it was sunk by ship known as Paladium .

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