Goat Fever is the worst bacteria-based disease to have ever inflicted mankind. It was genetically engineered by Robbaz to wipe out all of humanity, which it almost succeeded in doing so. Goat Fever appeared in Robbaz's one-and-only Plague Inc. video, uploaded in March 2014. Despite the superiorty of Canadian Universal Healthcare System, the country was the first country to be both infected and wiped out by the virus (though the game's map include Alaska as its victim, which technically hit United States due to being one of its many states). To prevent the spread of the disease, Norway executed all infected persons. Finally, scientists from Austrailia found a cure and destroyed the diseases. Goat Fever managed to annihilate Canada and Russia during its epidemic. Despite its failure to wipe out humanity, Robbaz would later learn from his mistakes and developed Morningwood, a more potent bacterial disease due to its ability to reshuffle its genes that prevents the development of cure.

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Goat Fever

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