Gabe NewellGaben, or Lord Gaben  is the deity worshiped by the users of Steam. In The Sim's 3 Redneck Brothers, King Redneck had a room filled with images of Gabe in his castle. Robbaz replaced the character Floyd in the Sims 3 series with Gabe, whether or not Floyd was actually possessed and used as a host for the immortal spirit of Lord Gaben is unknown. Robbaz has been known to decorate his houses with everyday items (beds, curtains, rugs, etc.) that have been re-textured with images of Gabe. This includes Gabe's own room, which serves as a narcissistic shrine to himself.

By Redneck Family #20, he was able to develop a video game due to the Sims 3: University Life DLC. Sadly, he developed Ricochet 2, instead of long awaited Half Life sequel. He also set fire to the living room accidentally after shooting at Clyde's game console and television. Gaben/Floyd has also become rather muscular and athletic due to his extensive and intense workout sessions. He is also shown (surprisingly) to be slow eater since he lost the eating contest, which Billie Jean won.

In Redneck Brothers #29 Gabe started charging for mods on steam. Clyde tranquilized Gabe and forcibly put him through rehab where he was fattened up to become "warm and cuddly" again. Recently Gabe has broken into the gambling business, offering CS:GO knife slot machines and pachinko at his casino.