Frank is a Black Mesa security guard that accompanies Robbaz during his playthrough of the Half-Life Black Mesa mod.

Frank, along with fellow security guard Bill and female scientist Palin all appear in episode 3 of Robbaz' playthrough of Black Mesa Source. Frank is first met by Robbaz when his friend turned into a headcrab zombie and tried to attack him, but Robbaz intervened and saved him. After that encounter, Frank joined Robbaz and they both later met-up with Bill. Further on they found two scientists called Clifford and Palin. Palin joined them whilst Clifford stayed behind. Even later, they encountered a third security guard called Murphey.

Frank is a psychic, as noted by Robbaz, as he could tell how many bullets Robbaz had in his .357 Magnum.


Black Mesa Source - Let's Play Part 3 - Friendly Faces!16:12

Black Mesa Source - Let's Play Part 3 - Friendly Faces!

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