Floyd Redneck
Biographical info
Species Sim
Gender Male
Relative(s) King Redneck (Adopted Father)
Residence Bridgeport
Political info
Affiliation Redneck
Nationality American
Occupation Business Career (Formerly)

Game Developer

Floyd is King Redneck's adopted son. He was adopted as a child and trapped in a room to fatten him up. When he became a teen, he was put under extensive physical exercise by Robbaz because the game began to lag from his extreme morbid obesity. He lost his virginity when he was abducted by aliens when he was a teenager. Later, he sported a lamb chop side burns, a moustache, and a long hair when he reached adulthood.

He was later transformed into Gabe Newell and applied to a job that would allow him become a CEO of a company.


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