Femisnist Robert

Feminist Robert patrolling the conveyor belt.

Feminist Robert was a clone who was born a female in a male's body. She is described by Robert as a "Strong independent female". She was the only survivor of the three clones who were sent to the Battle for Red Rocket. She carries a custom purple-yellow AK-47 and wears clothing typical of women. She later became one of the leaders of the Great Robert Exodus as a second-in-command to Hipster Robert. When the clones arrived in Gingerburg, she assisted Robert in patrolling the newly built conveyor belt transportation system. She also assisted him in raiding a raider's camp for fresh bodies to nourish the Gingers and to test the conveyor belt system. Feminist Robert died when she committed suicide by jumping off a roof near Goodneighbor. She died in: Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory #10 - Home Delivery. After her death, Robert transported her to Gingerburg on the conveyor belt system and ate a piece of her so a part of her will always be in him.

In Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory #12 - Funeral Takeaway, Robert realizes that Feminist Robert wasn't moving or talking. Believing that she has Slacker's Syndrome, he takes her to the clinic in Gingerburg to have immediate treatment. The treatment included slicing her head off to examine it, of course she was already dead, but this was when Robert finally noticed that she was dead. Later that day, Robert held a funeral for her and launched her into the sea as a part of Ginger tradition.
Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory -10 - Home Delivery11:06

Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory -10 - Home Delivery

Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory -12 - Funeral Takeaway11:11

Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory -12 - Funeral Takeaway

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