Introduction Edit

Death Pony was introduced in Redneck Brothers #29. King finds him in the local graveyard where he was slowing down Robbaz's game with his magic. Robbaz brings him back to Valve headquarters, where he transforms him into a Death Pony with bright red eyes and a skeleton body. Robbaz then uses sandwiches to lure the public into a sandbox, where Death Pony uses his magic to murder them, proceeding to piss himself with excitement.


Death Pony murdering 2 Sims.

Further Appearances Edit

In Redneck Brothers #30, Death Pony makes another appearance where he burns down Robbaz's plantation. During the fire, Death Pony was taken away from Robbaz and given to the Goth family. Clyde infiltrated their house to save Death Pony, and also stole their Volvo, toilet, and piano, as well as murdering the family.

Trivia Edit

  • Death Pony is the opposite of Bertram - Pure, unaltered evil.
  • Barry seems to enjoy playing in Death Pony's piss, as after the Death Pony pissed himself in Redneck Brothers #29, Barry jumped in the puddle.
  • Death Pony is actually not a horse, but rather a unicorn.