Cyka Blyat Robert
Cyka Blyat Robert
Cyka Blyat Robert before his death
Biographical info
Aliases Russian Robert
Species Redneck (clone)
Gender Male
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory #8 - Clone Squad
Status Dead

Cyka Blyat Robert was a clone who had the traits of of true Russian communist. He was one of the three clones chosen to be sent to take part of the Battle for Red Rocket.

Unfortunately he died in Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory #8 - Clone Squad, during the battle after taking multiple bullets and punches to his body. His sacrifice will not be forgotten however, as he was the "tank" of the operation and carried his comrades to victory even after his death.

It is speculated that there would have been many more casualties at the battle if he had not been involved in the operation. Cyka Blyat Robert yielded a rocket-powered sledge hammer during battle and wore minimal clothing with the exception of his bearskin hat and his armor. After the Battle for Red Rocket, his body was shot into the air crossing the border of Red Rocket. His body is along side 007 Robert who also died in the attack.


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