Charlie is Robbaz's faithful mount in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is the first horse Robbaz ever tamed, a beautiful "ginger horse", and albeit being described by the Viking himsef as being "altogether a pretty shitty horse", Robbaz growed very fond of him, often complimenting his silky ginger hair.

At one time in a Bokoblin cave near Kakariko Vilage, Robbaz blowed the entire place up using his Sheikah Bomb together with the explosives in there, killing all the creatures but accidentaly killing Charlie as well (and almost himself in the process). Later he payed 1.000 rupees so that Malanya, the Horse Goddess could revive him. Robbaz already had a new mare by that time, Charleen, who was vastly superior in stamina, however he abandoned her over Charlie saying that Charlie is maneuverable because he is an empty shell, while Charleen is a spirited and stubborn mare who still has a mind of her own. Robbaz confirmed Charlie's identity by inspecting his huge member.