"Aha! Where are the children!?"
(Captain Herbert)
Captain Herbert (a.k.a. Pedo Shepard) is Robbaz' character in Mass Effect 3. Captain Herbert is an infamous paedophile, with the sole aim to "save" all of the children in the galaxy.  He can easily spot a nearby child because of his Pedophile Senses.

Captain Herbert's adventure began when Reaper invaded Earth after snooping at a child at the park. When he saw him in the vents, he tried to abduct the child before he was interrupted by Captain Andersen. He was finally extracted by Normandy after he held off the Husks at the extraction point. He would later reunited with a child after his Pedophile Senses at another extraction point. Unfortunately, the child and the evacuating ships were destroyed by a Harbinger that saddens Captain Herbert. After the sad event, he began to have wet dreams of chasing the child until he burned himself.

Despite his pedophilia, he showed attraction towards women. He referred to EDI as his sex bot and went to a strip club on Citadel. Due to his observation of his male colleague's exercise and his sexual remarks, he might possibly have interest in men.


"Bring me the children!"

"Pedophile senses activated!"