Billie Jean
Screen Shot
Biographical info
Species Alien Sim
Gender Female
Relative(s) Clyde Redneck (Uncle-in-Law)
King Redneck (Father via marriage)
Barry Tenderlove (Father)
Bob Kerman (Possible love interest)
Residence Bridgeport
Political info
Affiliation Redneck
Nationality Alien
Occupation Author


Miscellaneous info
Status Alive

Billie Jean is Barry's daughter after her father was abducted by aliens and impregnated via anal probing. Despite her half alien heritage, her large breasts and long ginger hair made her especially appealing to Robbaz, who frequently creeps over her. She also seems to have a strange obsession for anal probing, on one occasion going so far as to attempt to probe a baby.

When the Kerbals arrived, Billie Jean became close with Bob Kerman. Up to the point where Robbaz stated that "I could get Billie Jean to date Bob aswell." It is unconfirmed if Bob and Billie Jean are dating but it is hinted through this statement and how they're often seen talking and sometimes even flirting.

Recently, she took up a job as a singer and practiced singing. Her singing voice was not refined enough to be appreciated by Bertram , who booed her in response. She nearly perished from fire when it was started after Floyd /Gabe Newell shot Clyde's game console and television.

She is in possession of a space suit that resembles the one from the Mass Effect series which, along with Sims 3, was published by EA Games.