Bertram Plunkett
Biographical info
Full name Bertram Plunkett
Species Sim
Gender Male
Residence Bridgeport
Political info
Affiliation Robbaz
Occupation Butler, Artist, Wizard
Rank King's bitch
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers
Status Alive; Incarcerated by King
"Bertram. The butler without a soul. The butler without purpose, family, or love, staring into the abyss..."

Bertram Plunkett is the former butler and artist/prisoner of the Redneck family in the Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers. He is a very lonely individual, the corgis being his only friends. Bertram would often contemplate going on a rampage or committing suicide by sitting at the kitchen table looking at a handgun. Bertram is a man of man talents: he is proficient in painting, operating mining drills, being DJ 'Skrillram' and mastering the art of wizardry.

Bertram sadly died in Redneck Brothers #6 - The Perfect Murican when he was electrocuted. Clyde and King laughed maniacally at his suffering. After realizing the replacement butler was inferior, he was brought back to life in Redneck Brothers #9 - The Resurrection, due to King's tireless efforts to source Ambrosia - the life giving salad of the Gods.

For a short while, Robbaz kept Bertram in a secret underground labyrinth beneath his own grave, but, since the Rednecks moved into their new castle, Bertram is now confined to a prison tower. As an accomplished artist he paints all day as selling his paintings is the only source income in the household. His hair became more messy, in addition to his new beard. More recently, Bertram was given more free reign and was put to work mining for precious gems in the grounds of Castlery Cock. He is also the designated fire warden for all fires that may start on King's highly combustible body hair as a result of his inventing.

With his "can-do" spirit and conquering of death, he is regarded as the face of hope, optimism and determination in the face of adversity, refusing to let being the prisoner of a madman get the better of him. He has become one of the most popular characters in the series.

Bertram went on vacation with the rest of the group, apart from Rowebutt, who stayed at home tending to the castle grounds.

Recently he has been the face of the Viking Space Program project, appearing on mission flags.

In Isla Paradiso, he had a romantic intercourse with Lopita Alto that resulted in a son named Nicholas. He also had sex with Ashley Alto -Lopita's daughter and gave birth to Jaclyn. Due to Alto's negligence on their respective children, the Redneck Family adopted them and moved to their original trailer park due to the inability to move back to their castle. Nicholas became a butler like his father before him. In order to change the garden from life fruit to ingredients for potions, the quickest way was to burn it down. Death Pony set fire to the garden after an evacuation of the area, however Jaclyn was still in the garden with no way to escape as all exits had been blocked to avoid fire spreading to the surrounding area. She was incinerated in the blaze. But like her father, she was eventually revived (although as a zombie) in Redneck Brothers #31 - The Apocalype.

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