The Battle of the Cube was the KAF's toughest battle and ended with it's greatest victory.

Origins of the Cube Edit

The Cube was a creation of the Viking Space Program and was a Sentient Space Station that was intended to be a central docking and refueling hub for the VSP, and cost a fortune to build. The Cube, being sentient, found out how to manipulate the Kerbal Brain and hypnotized the crew to do its bidding. The VSP successfully rescued the crew, but the Cube took control of it's engines and landed in the deserts of Kerbin.

Kerbal Navy Investigation Edit

The Kerbal Navy was dispatched to confirm the destruction of the Cube. Before the 2 Cruisers were able to tell KSC that the Cube was still "Alive," The cube used it's Hypnosis to control the Sailors and made all land units onboard entrench themselves around the Cube while it formulated a plan to take out the universe.

KAF Intervention Edit

VSP Satellites confirmed the survival of the cube, and the VSP sent out Jedediah Kerman, their best Pilot, to eliminate the cube. Jeb was not aware the Navy was going to attack him. Jeb's fighter approached from the sea, and was fired upon by the now enemy Cruisers. Jeb crippled both vessels, and proceded to the Cube. Not realizing there were AA guns, Jeb was shot down near the Cube, narrowly bailing out before the plane exploded. KSC received the news of the loss of Jeb and dispatched Valentina, Bill, Bob, and Tombre to destroy the Cube. Flying above AA range, the Bob Kerman left the cockpit and boarded an M-1 Abrams tank inside the plane and was released. The tank reached the ground and took massive fire from hypnotized ground forces. Bob fought his way to the Cube, only to find his shells were useless. Bob Retreated and pick up Jeb (Codename: Cactus Man) and awaited further support.Tombre took off from KSC with an aircraft loaded with explosives. he surveyed the cube and targeted an exhaust port, than dived towards it. Jeb and Bob watched in horror as the Tombre crashed into the Cube, destroying all the surrounding terrain.Tombre was vaporized instantly, but the Cube was annihilated. Jeb celebrated in the tank, while Bob celebrated by humping a defective tank Shell