Barry Tenderlove
Biographical info
Species Sim
Gender Male
Relative(s) Billie Jean Tenderlove (Daughter) King Redneck (Husband)
Residence Bridgeport (former) Lucky Palms (current)
Political info
Nationality American
Occupation Chef (formerly) Firefighter
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers
Status Alive, Resurrected.

 When the Redneck Brothers series began, Barry Tenderlove was just a normal guy with a nice apartment and a job. However after Robbaz installed some body modification mods, he is now an absurdly ripped redneck with a green mohawk and handlebar mustache.

 Barry was abducted and impregnated by aliens and gave birth to an alien baby named Billie Jean. He married to King Redneck, both of whose sexual orientation are possibly either homosexual or bisexual.

 In Redneck Brothers #11 - Death from Above, now renamed Unforseen Consequenses, Barry was crushed by an asteroid. In the following episodes, Barry could be seen wondering the castle grounds as a ghost, before he was brought back to life but at the price of Brittney's life for Robbaz to make a room for him. Recently, he took a job as a firefighter.

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